Ben Wright | March 12, 2016

I've been thinking more lately about what kind of a label I might give myself as a broad description or some kind of an identifying concept of who I am, what I believe, and some of the many thoughts I try to live by.

I'm finding such a portrayal a little easier to describe within some of the social, economic, and political realms of my thinking.   In that regard, I'm thinking --- I'm neither a reactionary conservative nor necessarily an ardent liberal --- as perhaps and more often widely defined by others.

Instead, I view myself as more of a broad minded progressive pragmatist. Now one could probably ask, " what in the World is that suppose to mean?"

Well --- essentially, for one thing, it pertains to some of our more current pressing concerns. To illustrate --- I'm strongly in favor of a larger based sharing of our unequal prosperity in confronting some of the growing economic inequities in our Country --- wherein the super rich are getting dramatically richer, while the working poor are falling further and further dismally behind.

I also believe in thoughtful legal social inclusion, environmental sustainability, greater social and public responsibility and accountability on the part of businesses --- especially from the larger international corporate conglomerates, an active and appropriate role for government in preserving, protecting, and promoting the common good, broader based affordable health care, as well as an energetic concern for global humanitarianism, serious election campaign reforms, and an immediate concurrent efforts in restoring, rebuilding, and restructuring our crumbling national infrastructure.   We have got to stop tolerating limited band-aid reforms and weakened lip service only solutions.

Have I left anything out? Iím sure I have, but this seems to get me off to a better start in helping to answer for myself what I believe and some of the more pertinent things I have thought a great deal about --- at least in the political, social, and economic realms.   To me --- thinking is life.   To weigh, ponder, and consider some of the various facets of our lives is never tiring, boring, or uneventful.

Whatís the oleí clique? --- those who believe in nothing --- will fall for anything.   I believe Mark Twain once commented ( - hope Iím not misquoting), something to the effect, ď that thinking is one of the hardest things to do, and I suspect thatís why so few of us do so little of it.

Itís the intellectual exercise of using oneís mind to produce consciences thoughts, creativity, conceptions, opinions, speculations, considerations, beliefs, conclusions, remembrances, and judgements --- as one meditates, reflects, and reasons about truths and expectations of whatever concerns them in hopefully becoming a bit more learned, wiser, informed, understanding, and more sensible not only to yourself but unto others as well. It becomes the very essence of who you are. Seeing things not as they are --- but how they could be.

All intended to help achieve a greater balanced awareness of the uniqueness and individuality of who you really are and how you have become you. Needing to decipher when, where, why, and how you have been influenced in some of your more formative years in the character development of your specific emotional and behavioral personality and outlook on things.

Sometimes it can be a surprise meeting of the inner stranger you may have never really met before and possibly have never fully understood.   A self-analysis and exploring awareness of crawling inside yourself and determining if you are reasonably satisfied with who you presently are --- or, maybe might want to be, and if you discover some changes or revisions are needed, then let the journey begin in becoming more of what you have in you to be.

Always remembering --- the longest journey to anywhere --- always begins with those first few footsteps toward your destination.   It all begins with you --- you will have to make it happen.

And please be aware --- any journey within yourself --- exploring the inner you ( -some currently think of this as a form of "mindfulness"), will be in in constant conflict with many other powerful inviting distractions of our modern society.

The internet, social media, cellular communications, TV and radio broadcasting --- along with many other digital diversions, are far more mesmerizing and a lot less demanding alternatives constantly vying for our continuous and undivided attention --- much of which is plagued with dumbed down oppressive mega advertising and dull boring infomercials supporting such venues --- mercilessly tempting us to easier idle pleasures of the moment.

It has been said ( - again, not sure by whom), "we are swimming in oceans of information, while drowning in seas of ignorance."   I choose --- and hope you'll please join me, in refusing to live a life of quiet desperation, helplessness, and unfilled potential --- always wondering "what if" --- as we all struggle onward to reach out more somehow, and in some small way, to have attempted to try somehow to have made this World just a little better place to be --- because we were here. And if necessary, I would rather lose while trying, than to succeed at doing nothing.

However you decide, the ancients were probably very wise in suggesting, "an unexamined life is not worth living," stressing the importance to "know thyself". You may truly be surprised to learn how really interesting you are and go from there.

Good luck in your new discoveries.

Ralph Profitt


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