Excerpts from letters written by Billy the Kid to Lew Wallace:      
March 13 1879 To his Excellency the Governor, General Lew Wallace
Dear Sir, I have heard that You will give one thousand $ dollars for my body which as I can understand it means alive as a witness.
March 17 1879 Billy the Kid agrees to submit to arrest and testify in court.   In return Governor Wallace promises a pardon.
March 20 1879 Sir, I will keep the appointment I made but be sure and have men come that you can depend on I am not afraid to die like a man fighting but I would not like to be killed like a dog unarmed.
March 4 1881 I Expect you have forgotten what you promised me, this Month two years ago, but I have not and I think You had ought to have come and seen me as I requested you to.   I have done everything that I promised you I would and You have done nothing that You promised me.

I guess they mean to Send me up without giving me any Show but they will have a nice time doing it.   I am not intirely without friends.
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William H. Bonney (alias Billy the Kid) wrote his final letter to General Lew Wallace on March 27, 1881 asking once again: "Will you keep your promise?"
On April 28, 1881, during the most notorious jailbreak in Wild West History, Billy the Kid "shot his way" out of the Lincoln, New Mexico Courthouse, killing both guards. The infamous escape led to the "hunt down" of Billy the Kid by Pat Garrett.