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Andrew Wallace moved his family to Brookville, Indiana circa 1817, and ran a tavern (the Brookville Hotel).

Andrew's son David graduated from West Point in 1821, and remained at West Point as a mathematics instructor until 1822, at which time he rejoined his family in Brookville.   David Wallace studied law with Judge Miles C. Eggleston, and was admitted to the bar in 1824.   David established a law practice in Brookville, and served in the local militia, rising to the rank of colonel.   In 1824, he married Esther French Test, daughter of judge and congressman John Test.   The couple had four sons:   William, Lewis (known as Lew Wallace), John, and Edward.   Lew Wallace was born in 1827.

David Wallace served in the Indiana General Assembly for three terms, and was elected as Indiana Lieutenant Governor in 1831 (also winning re-election three years later).   In 1832, David moved his family to Covington, Indiana.   David Wallace was Governor of Indiana from 1837 - 1840, and Congressman from 1841 - 1843.

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Don Dunaway