What is Happening To Our America?
Ben Wright | December 15, 2016

We are reputed to have the biggest military in the World -- the best scientists available -- World renowned universities -- leading medical research faculties -- huge global financial markets -- Worldwide communications systems, an efficient productive agricultural base that is the envy of the world -- a truly dynamic economy -- with highly industrialize production capabilities -- consumerist choices of phenomenal varieties providing some of the highest living standards known -- yet, we seem to be falling apart as a cohesive coherent society binding together as a strong invincible America.

We seem to be falling apart as a
cohesive coherent society. . .

No longer can we seem to disagree -- without being disagreeable.   There seems no room for peaceful civil discourse.   It is all:   “I win -- you lose” proposition.   Everybody is right and nobody is wrong.   No chance of other thoughts, ideals, or considerations being reasonably and respectfully heard.   We have become warring factions of hostile conflict, exposed inhibitions and dark subdued passions spinning out of control.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the chaos of the political activities of our government and the bitter gridlock in-fighting of our electoral politics.   Mean, hurtful, antagonistic things have been said, done, reported, or implied that will not soon be forgiven nor soon forgotten, and left too many of us as bitter unfriendly hateful rival vengeful opponents of each other.

During an earlier period of our history -- involving a similar period of strong emotional dissensions and discord, one of our greatest Presidents -- Abraham Lincoln, once warned:   “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Surely we must think more about that now in this perilous moment of our being -- when one noted communications specialist was quoted as saying, in his view:   “only the thinnest of threads is holding this Nation together.”
With such belligerent rancor noticed among diverse groups of differences, it was his opinion:   “We’re just one thin thread from everything being cut.”

If any progress is ever to occur, we need to stop, step back, take a deep breath, control our temperaments, leave or effectively manage any innate inherent acquired biases or prejudices we may have, and respectfully begin listening and talking to each other.

Creating an attempted atmosphere of foresight and thought in searching for mutual understanding of our diverse polarizing positions -- giving careful thoughtful considerations to each other’s respective views and perspectives.   It is what modern advance civilized orderly society is all about.

None of this is going to be easy.   Too many are suggesting or implying they have many assorted programmed answers to every dilemma imaginable.   Pragmatic solutions, conceivable formulas, short step programs, and simple practical sound bite answers for very detailed, complex, challenging, and complicated issues with numerous far reaching consequences.

If we do not start now -- here is what I sadly envision as some of the disastrous mushrooming results of what is already occurring.   Every zealous grouping will further enhance its own broad-based media messages, directed where favored networking listeners can be constantly re-affirmed and re-energized in what they may think they already believe -- without ever being reasonably informed to the contrary of anything differently from other apparent perspectives.   It is very much akin to propagandizing -- negatively referred to as brainwashing.

Warring feuding factions will fall into their own comfort zones of thought and behavior -- not to be troubled with any potentially opposing ideals, concepts, or differing views.   We will all for, align, and sort ourselves ort into similar segregated others -- like-minded persons like ourselves, so we do not have to regularly mix or have any other differing contact with those we do not like, trust, or agree.

As a sad consequence -- with serious implications for our Nation, we are finding ourselves more polarized than probably anytime in our recent history.   Awash in volatile temperaments, confused principles, and anxious doubts and uncertainties.   Oh!   How hostile others and coveted nations must be rejoicing with their craving for their divide and conquer possibilities of our dis-united seemingly uncontrolled hysteria.

If we are to survive as a continuing beacon of light and hope to all others -- as intended by our Founding Fathers, we desperately need to regain and re-ignite our dynamic unity of national purpose and agreement that has been the bonding belief that has held our great Nation together though wars, economic depressions, foreign threats, natural catastrophic disasters, and other trials and tribulations that have confronted and challenge our Country.

Our greatness lies in the fiery spirit, the freedom and independence, energy, drive, desire, and “can do” attitude of our people.   What we believe we can achieve.   We have come too far and accomplished too much to throw away and destroy the sacred shield of freedom and unity that our courageous forbearers struggled and sacrificed to give us.

Let us cease all the maligning, criticism, faultfinding, and marginalizing of others, and move on in the oneness of purpose in truly listening to each other in what is best for our Country in the future honors, raises, and distinctions of that which is yet to come, as we humble ourselves in thanksgiving to those brave others before us who have left us a proud heritage of a noble enduring legacy with a destiny for even more greatness.


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