Ben Wright | May 11, 2017

Our new leadership in the current Federal administration has confronted us with the valued virtues of coordinated practically and planned predictability; verses the chaos and hazards of emotional impulsiveness.   Some may be mesmerized by the ever-changing positional responses of an unconventional leader who muses out loud their intense bombastic outbursts and sarcastic mocking remarks on serious in-depth issues of magnitude and importance with ominous possibilities.

To such mindsets, this might suggest or infer an advantage of some concealed insights that helps keep everyone else more vigilant and alert to any given changeable reaction to whatever is occurring.   Thus, it might be argued, potential adversaries must therefore presumably always proceed with caution -- never being quite sure what they might expect or encounter.

To others, they are anxious, worried, and unnerved by the seemingly so called instinctive instincts and the many heresies of fluid beliefs, disjointed rambling thoughts, blatant falsehoods, unashamedly controversial opinions, and over imaginative fantasies and accusations that are totally contradictory to a more disciplined way of learning and thinking through proper codes of civil conduct and behavior.   The incessant tweeting and precariousness of an uncontrolled impulsive flexibility of rapidly shifting views at any given moment, on any given topic, can be seen as inherently negative, inconsistent, and opposed to obvious realities of the moment.

Serious matters of governance should hopefully be met with evaluated visions of careful forethought and deeply pondered considerations -- where more substance and less theatrics should apply.   Instead, we are confronted with a leadership that seeks only a confirmation of their own distorted beliefs --

watching only a select media, reading (what little may occur), only those writers, and listening only to those entrusted few who always agree with them:   Never embracing nor inviting other thoughts or differing points of view that run counter to your own.

In our present politically charged atmosphere and deeply polarized Country, we are rapidly -- if not already, losing a shared consensus of who we are and might want to be in facing a totality of explosive challenges led by a dangerous and embarrassing leadership.   We can only hope that the better angels of our nature will yet prevail and see us through this dilemma of trying times and hope for a better tomorrow.


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