Ben Wright | July 2, 2017

My heart breaks when we all learn of more continued worker displacement of loyal hard working folks being told they are no longer needed in the jobs they have come to depend on -- often after many years of loyal steady faithful service.

Leaving so many with hurtful feelings of humiliation and rejection -- all bordering between anger, shame, and disappointment. A once valued identity with a given job, career, company, or profession that no longer exists.

Abandoned and alone often with less to live on than before in a modern increasingly expensive economy that shows no mercy -- with deteriorating livelihoods, mounting debts, stagnant wages, and seemingly no way out.

A viewed betrayal of an innocent trust that often implied that as long as you worked hard and faithfully for others, your future -- and all those depending on you, would presumably always be safe and secure.

So -- what happened -- who's to blame for such personal tragedies, and what -- if anything, can be done about it?   Let's begin by looking at some of the various aspects of this very sensitive issue, and see where it might take us.

Caution -- there's many controversial aspects and bias prejudices surrounding this particular matter -- where everyone's right, and nobody's wrong.   Even so, I will try to say what I think you need to know -- as best I understand, not necessarily what you might want to hear.

All of life is but the sum total of all our many decisions.   Thus, you become what you have chosen.   I pray you choose wisely.

When someone is no longer actively helping to make money for their employer, they become a losing expense that must be reckoned with.   A cost burden that translates into a loss for the employer that requires you to leave. A basic fundamental requirement of any profit oriented free corporate enterprise system that must never be forgotten.

It's painful to evaluate the success and measure of one's life down to a matter of dollars and cents, but in the marketplace of employment potential that's what it all comes down to -- what can you profitably do for others.

Consequently, the most important primary concern for any prospective employee is determining how best they can apply their intelligent know how in creatively helping to make money and support the operating costs of the firm that might employ them.

Just wanting and needing a job won't always get you one. But knowing how you can particularly help with the specific needs, goals, and ambitions of any given firm, will usually greatly aid in getting you more quickly noticed and hopefully accepted.

We all know that nothing endures but change. An irrefutable fact of life. It's relentless and inevitable and cannot be stopped. It's like trying to hold on to the wind.   Representing a continous pattern of new realignments for all things.

It's an ongoing condition in which any and all circumstances are modified from what was, and will ultimately become. Nothing ever remains the same.   What is new today, will be old tomorrow. A continuous whirlwind progression that can be overwhelming.

An intricate involved convoluted sweep of things that makes a difference in what was and will be. Invariably always replacing, substituting, or switching to something else.   Constantly shifting conditions, times, situations, and events.

All of life is but the sum total of all our many decisions.   Thus, you become what you have chosen.   I pray you choose wisely.

To those who may like the mesmerized comfort of assumed secured conformily in a given time, manner, place and environment, this distrustful of such changes.   It can and no doubt will mean an eventual loss of what presently exists and represents an unwanted intrusion of what you might like it to continue to be.

A bitter resentment of a caused failure and forced encroachment upon somene's desire to remain the same -- preventing them from living in preferred harmony where and how they might want to be, but compelled to struggle and survive with less than what they might like or need admist surrounding consequences of changing times and circumstances.

All of this is most vividly personified in its profound effect upon our worker economy in our newer rapidly changing post-industrial society -- producing a continued worried and anxious concern of what may happen in so many laboring struggles to survive and endure.

Frightened nightmare axious images and scenarios of losing one's job, position, skills, abilities, and talents being effectively replaced by automation, artificial intelligence, and robots through never ceasing on-going transformations, innovations, and constant creative and improving technologies throughout everyone's working environment.

All of this is further accentuated with an increasingly highly competitive and efficient Worldwide global economy that is challenging everyone to be more capable of producing and mass marketing at the greatest value possible the desired results of competitive needs and demands.

Any false misguided attempt to shield ourselves with artificial barriers to unwisely attempt to eliminate, slowdown, or other mandated exclusions from such obvious painful realities would be absolutely devastating to all concerned, and create the worst conceivable economic crisis and trade wars imaginable, in which millions would suffer proportionally.

If one hopes to have any chance and prospect of surviving and prospering in these stormy times now occuring, the only logical choice appears to immediately -- if not already, to become pro-active and adaptable in seriously preparing and living more in the enveloping future that's continuing unfolding.

It is recognizing that one of the more troubling aspects of our current worker economy is the growing and widening gap between the many higher paying jobs already now currently available -- verses the higher more specialized skills and knowledge needed to fill those greater earning possibilities.

Practically all of such lucrative employment prospects requires higher educational learning skills and training. You learn to earn. Working harder and smarter.

Pure intensive manual labor or other basic entry level positioning is being rapidly replaced by machines and other technologies -- it's knowing how to operate and utilize such sophisticated complex systems and equipment is where the greater earnings future lies.

That means actively seeking and being aware of numerous upgrading opportunites for constantly retraining, updating, and learning of newer skills, talents, and abilities required for the changing needs and wants of this new work place revolution.

The dinosaur days of years of long continuous secured employment with the same firm or company essentially doing the same old routine thing day after day, year after year is gone -- now dead forever.

Continued active employment from now and here on will essentially require any number of present and future career changes and constant re-schooling, re-updating, and re-learning throughout one's working years of whatever a modern changing work place demands and requires.   Alert and always in tune with what's going on -- never putting your life on hold or pause.

We all know a meaningful well-paying job gives pride, digniy, and usefulness to all. And that may mean going to where such jobs and oportunities are being created, located, and generated -- allowing you to become a laboring pioneer seeking newer future horizons, and new beginnings for bigger and better possililities for whatever purposes in life you may be seeking.

Admittedly such changes is not always easy. Sometimes it can be very hard. Often having to physically move and relocate from those dearest to you.   Leaving familiar others, places, and things -- filled with fond memories of kind feelings and nostalgic sentimental longings and wistful yearnings for happier affections of a long bygone past.

Leaving all of this for newer more uncertain opportunities requires courage and a committed confident belief in yourself that you can and will find the means to be more of what you have in you to be -- refusing to lose yourself in fear.

It is what the American pioneering spirit is all about. Endurance and resilency. Our history if full of such epochs. It is all up to you -- if you are being troubled with an uncertain present and an underemployed life -- looking for a better more predictable future, it is time to get prepared.

A parting of old ways can indeed be such sweet sorrow, but the alternative of being unneeded and unwanted in our progressive ever changing economy that will pass you by if you don't react in being a more learned and skilled self, is a far worse predicament than failing who you might be -- if you don't reach out to make it better for you and those you care for.

All of life is but the sum total of all our many decisions.   Thus, you become what you have chosen.   I pray you choose wisely.

We live in a growing polarized economy of great social and economic inequality -- where too many are sadly stuck in a given class structure.   For those who have any hope of earning any chance of potential upward mobility for themselves and their families, it means determining how best we can make ourselves more valuable in a greater use of advanced knowledge and services to those seeking such needs.

In essence then -- there is no guarantee of economic security for anyone other than the effectiveness of all your own applied efforts in ultimately providing for your own thriving prosperity and interests in the marketing of your own specific knowledge, know how, talents, skills, and abilities to those willing to pay for such attributes.

As you reach out -- wherever life may take you, you will basically find you cannot grow beyond your own dreams and positive belief in yourself. You literally become what you think. And dreams without efforts are just fantasies.

It is constantly struggling to always be more of what you have in you to be.   A courage and willingness to try, and even whenever you should fail, it is learning from the experience and keep moving on to be more a master of your own fate.

Much of what kind of life you will live and the greater abundance's it may offer, will depend on you and your appropriate choices.   You are calling the shots.   Good, bad, or indifferent -- you cannot escape the resulting consequences.   All of life is but the sum total of all our many decisions.   Thus, you become what you have chosen.   I pray you choose wisely.


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