Divided Nation
Bynum Henson and Ben Wright | December 12, 2019

When did we lose our Nation?   When did everything we believed in:   turn upside down?
The answer lies in not when, but the reality that we never did have the Country we possessed in our dreams.   The United States we admired; the America we took for granted; the Nation we held in our hearts: never existed.
We watched it develop on sitcom television.
We listened to newscasters talk about it on the evening news.
We read about it in magazines.
But it was only a dream.   It only existed in the hearts of about half our population, and it was only practiced in certain regions.
Donald Trump did not create racism or homophobia or sexism. He simply used our divisions to his advantage.   A President is supposed to unite a Nation.   Trump won by dividing us even further.

Jesus said:   "if the blind lead the blind, they'll all fall in the ditch."

Small towns all over the Nation were segregated in the 1940’s and 1950’s.   The Civil Rights Act of 1964 did not change the segregation.   It did not change the mind set of most people.
I can remember hearing:   “You know Blacks are just not as smart as white people.”
Or:   “I don’t mind working with Negros. I just don’t want to live next door to them.”
Or: “”They” have their own way about “them””.
And now: “There were good people on both sides.”

Are we any better than the overt racists in our Country?
We live in, basically, all white towns and suburbs and developments.   We avoid the homeless and the poor and the drug addicts, and all the other “less fortunate”.   As we lead our own isolated lives, we are no better than Eboneezer Scrooge.

Jesus spoke often on this subject -- essentially saying, anyone in need is my neighbor.   That's a large plurality.   There are many needs -- of all sorts and varieties.   Unfortunately, too many of us live lives of indifferences -- either consciously or unconsciously -- basically showing a regrettable lack of any effective outreach, sincere interest, concern, or sympathy for the plight of others -- as long as it doesn't immediately affect us personally.

Trump did not necessarily nor originally foment the increased violence and broad dissension we are presently experiencing.   There have always been strong under current feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety over many problems and issues, but he certainly capitalized on such ground swells by offering himself as a Divine savior:   verbally suggesting he was the embodiment of an appointment by God himself.

Here is the bottom line:   We have a serious crisis of the spirit -- that can only be solved with answers of the spirit.   Otherwise, we are living an illusion of a false reality we have sadly created for ourselves to pretend everything is OK, or will be alright:   just as long as we give POTUS unrestricted free rein to implement his purported desire to look out for the neglected interests of the forgotten common man, as he works his programs and desires.   We are shamefully coping out on our own self-initiatives and reliances by relegating our diminishing freedoms and responsibilities to a beguiling pipe piper.

Scripture warns:   "if the blind lead the blind, they'll all fall in the ditch."


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