Health Care
Ben Wright | August 3, 2017

When it comes to health care in the United States -- we are currently in the midst of an on-going gigantic battle of differing contesting wills, minds, aspirations, and philosophies.

Without necessarily saying so -- or, particularly elaborating on it to any extent,
there appears in some vested quarters an unofficial doctrine of implication that most people are far more interested and focused on pursuing personal matters of their own self-interest -- above that of the common good.

Consequently, because of such suppositions, suggesting that an ever growing number of working poor and others display a continuing inadequacy to care for themselves, it is thought that all such increasing others will constantly and continually seek greater government outlays in wanting more and more personal entitlements for themselves -- including expanding personal health care coverage and availability.

To those of such beliefs and persuations -- it is apparently strongly felt that if all such demands continue uncontrolled and unabated, it will create further unsustained financial chaos and indebtedness that could conceivably bankrupt the government, and ultimately destroy conditions as we know them.

Thus, it is reasoned in such worrisome quarters that the concerned will of such demanding majorities must be thwarted and controlled for the so-called good of all -- while the ultra elite aloof others revel in the satisfaction, perks, privileges, and pleasures of everything not available to normal majorities.

However, there appears a mass contrary feeling of public sentiment that along with the sacred rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, most Americans now favorably view reasonably affordable and available health care as another inalienable right of all citizens -- as necessary in caring for the lives they been entrusted with -- not some optional unaffordable out-of-reach quality of life to be trifled with.

Our Country far out spends more on health care -- some estimates running as high as 1/6 of our total trillions dollar economy, than any other comparable advanced Nation on Earth, for an acknowledged fundamentally flawed incoherent system that in spite of such vast expeditures still leaves millions behind without adequate health care -- ranking us at the lower bottom tier of every professionally known assessment of expectable quality and availably.

How can we continue to ignore the proven successful systems of other Countries which are neither particularly socialistic or free-market economics?

Instead, these modern Nations have an acceptable mixture and blend of government-mandated universal health care for all -- with meaningful subsidies where needed, that provides wide selective choices for patient doctors and hospitals.   No one is ever intentionally ignored or left out of such all encompassing systems.

When financially sound risk pools are properly created and effectively managed -- where everyone is required through individual mandates based on respective earnings to contribute into necessary qualified funding -- including the young and healthy, needed to help support the inevitable aging, infirmities, and sickness of us all, then the fairness of a more single payer type system will become obvious; as appropriate monitoring by entrusted accountable agencies will help drive down costs and improve overall patient care.

One of many contrary inadequate proposals that has been suggested in our Country by some seemingly uninformed political representatives to help folks with their personal health expenses, is to broaden and liberalize more of the personal saving provisions and qualifications of an IRS Health Savings Account (HSA) -- plus, allowing additional tax credits for the same and similar purposes.

Considering that continuing verifiable data indicates that the greater average percent of most struggling Americans currently have less than several hundreds of dollars or so for any potential financial emergencies, and thus, are literally living pay check to pay check, offering any form of additional tax credits is somewhat sadly akin to giving a starving person a cook book.

The by-gone days of earlier rugged individualism -- wherein everyone was supposed to be self-reliant and able to look out for themselves -- without any help from anyone, has totally disappeared in the wake of huge catastrophic, often unaffordable expenses now required for the benefit of modern medical care.

It is often said:   we have the best doctors and medical technologies in the World, but only a shrinking few can afford such wondrous developments -- as continuing research constantly leads to more and more discoveries of how to enjoy a better longer quality of life.

How then is life to be more fairly evaluated?   Are only the rich, powerful, privileged, and influential to be treated and cared for with their illness and maladies -- while so many others suffer needlessly and die from diseases and other aliments; because they cannot afford that which could save or comfort them?   Desperation and the indifference of others should not be their way of life.

A recent emotionally charged news story -- that reverberated a Worldwide response, highlighted a report about a young dying infant hospitalized in another Country -- suffering from multiple life threating conditions from a rare genetic disorder, that surrounding medical doctors, scientists, and those in rule of law said was hopelessly not going to improve, and consequently advocated cutting off all life support systems and let the infant pass on from the distraught parents -- which has since occurred.   People World wide were enraged and indignant at what they angrily said was heartless cruelty and had previously demanded a prompt and immediate reconsideration.

As sacred as all life is -- yet, in a sorted similar twisted way, isn't it ironic that governing others in our Country seemingly existing in a growing moral vacuum of isolated self-concern, and misconstrued self-righteous theories of acceptable amount of collateralized mortality, would dare to suggest it's OK and necessary to deprive millions upon millions of plighted Americans of little or only bare minimum health coverage, as the purported costs of needed reform -- while vast sums are readily allocated to others questionable outlays favored by controlling minorities?

In their defense of less government interference -- some advocates argue that it's not the place of government to designate or suggest which doctor, hospital, or medical procedure that a patient might require -- even though private insurers do the very same thing regularly and repeatedly. I fully agree with patient choice when and wherever reasonably possible.   Appropriate health decisions should normally be decided solely between one's self and their own attending health care giver.

Let us stop all the partisan bickering and distorted ideologies of unrealistic reasoning and endless debating about the proper role of government in supporting and offering health for all.

Stop all the close door secrecy in government forums concerning this life and death matter -- with little or no public debates and few town hall meetings;
With rushed votes for clandestine procedural motions.
With shameful spectacles that ask representatives to move hurried bills forward.
Before legislators or their constituents have had a chance to read what is being offered or even exactly what is under consideration.

Quit worrying about which political party or grouping might get voter and citizen credit for a fair and acceptable arrangement that would benefit all our people and remove some of the fear of disabling illness and crushing financial ruin that can destroy lives forever.

It is difficult to imagine -- what size grouping knowingly exists in a multitude of realistic saddening situations are those presently adversely affected by confining employment wherein they are "under employed" -- holding restive positions that doesn't allow nor even necessarily encourage one to perform at a higher level of their potential skills, talents, and abilities, but tolerated by struggling workers nonetheless, for need of their employers health insurance for both themselves and others. Thus, providing and insuring a somewhat subtle obscure form of indentured servitude.

One side of this issue doesn't have to win at the expense of the other. With a serious intent for a cooperative and transparent collaborative effort of reasonable fair compromise, and consensus by all concerned, we can strive and mutually achieve a win/win possiblility for everyone.

That's what true and sincere bi-partisanship is all about -- an open and transparent government of the people, by the people, and for the people, that is so urgently needed in solving this National dilemma that will not only effect today's living, but generations yet to come.

I urge you -- in the most pleading manner I can suggest, please, please don't in anyway diminish or minimize your needed and important voice, thoughts, and feelings in letting your representatives immediately know your personal thinking on this matter of supreme importance to you and everyone you love.

It is your Country and your life -- so valiantly brought to us through the blood, sweat, and tears of so many brave others. Do not let those of selfish interests who really do not care about you and your worries, problems and concerns take it away from you.


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