by:   Suzie Booth

1810 Solomon Manwarring builds and maintains the Manwarring Tavern in New Trenton.   The tavern is often the scene of dancing, drinking, and saloon music on Saturday; then the meeting house for church hymns on Sunday.
1814 After the War of 1812, the great migration begins.
1830's The 1830's bring the first German and Irish immigrants.   The Irish sing their work songs as they help build the Whitewater Canal, and are famous for their "fiddle" playing.
1840's A wind band is formed in Brookville, and a glee club is organized.   The Barnum Circus comes to Brookville on a regular basis with Tom Thumb as the chief attraction.
Social activities of the day center around the church.   Religious music activities include plays, skits, and all day singing and preaching.
1856 The Brookville College Commencement of 1856 features local musicians:   Mrs. Mary E. Moore, Jenny McCarty, and Miss Hitt.   Their selections include:   "Hail Columbia", "Fairy Bells", and "Requette Polka".
1860's By 1860, 67,000 German immigrants have settled in the State of Indiana.   These hardy and frugal folk bring the music of Wagner, Schubert, Beethoven, and Brahms to the hills of Franklin County.
One German community, Oldenburg, forms the Liedertafel (song table).   This group not only sings for their own entertainment, but plays and sings German classical music for public performances.
1887 The Brookville Band performs at Butler's Grove.
Brookville Band 1887
1888 This review by the Harrison News of a recital presented at the Brookville Town Hall is typical:
The Reverand Edward Frommel is one of the most charming violinist of this country, his musical education being thorough, while the piano playing of Professor Carl Kohl was perfectly entrancing and was received with hearty encores.
1890's In 1892, a very influencial group is formed:   Scotus Gaul Picti.   It promotes music and theater events and includes a very popular vocal quartet:   Picti Quartet
Music groups from the 1890's include:   the Brookville Orchestra, the Wagner Male Quartet, the Lucky Thirteen Club (a drama group) in Fairfield, the Mandolin Club in Metamora, and various singing groups.   Wind bands are also very popular during this time.
1895 The musically talented Corey family of Fairfield is well known througout the area. Corey Family
1896 In 1896, an Academy of Music is formed.   The organization presents twelve recitals per year, and forms a chorus of sixty-five voices that is described as:   "the highlight of the winter season".
1897 In 1897, The Academy of Music presents an operetta, "The Merry Milkmaids".   The Brookville newspaper gives the production rave reviews:
. . . . the time for rehearsal was necessarilly short and a number of the best voices were in sad condition with tonsilitis, but the energy and executive ability of the director Professor Oscar J. Ehrgott readily circumvented all obstacles and made a complete success of "The Merry Milk Maids".
Performers include:   Harry M. King, Harry Smith, Attie Kimble, Laura Swayne, Thomas Bracken, Annella Price, and accompanist Pearl Scobey.   [It should be noted that Harry M. King and Harry Smith also sing in the Picti Quartet.]
Lewis Horning operates a music store that sells and repairs musical instruments.
1900's Dancing picnics are very popular during the turn of the Century, especially at James Park (near Klemme's Corner) and Bruns Grove.
A local singer, Florence Armstrong, with a beautiful contralto voice, studies at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and performs with the Ziegfeld Follies in New York.
1902 Just like "River City" in the Broadway musical, Music Man:   Brookville has their own "boys band".   Brookville Juvenile Band
The I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) of Brookville sponsors their own cornet band. IOOF Cornet Band
The Decoration Day parade of 1902 includes:   the Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War veterans), the Brookville Band, and the Brookville Juvenile Band.
GAR and Brookville Band
1908 Mixerville (a small community near Oxford, Ohio) has a cornet band that performs with Civil War era instruments.
Mixerville Cornet Band
Scotus Gaul Picti continues to be an influencial group, and presents an impressive Centennial Celebration in 1908.
1921 Ethel Irwin, a popular local singer, gives a "musicale" at her parents' home on Twelfth Street in Brookville.   Ethel Irwin
1932 Springfield School organizes a school orchestra with twenty two members.   Springfield is a small rural farming community, but takes advantage of its proximity to Miami University of Oxford, Ohio. 1932 Springfield Orchestra

[This brief history is an abridged version of a presentation Suzie Booth made to the Franklin County Historical Society.]
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