On the back of this photograph is written the following:   "Henry Stitzel on left of Drum, Perry Hansel on right and Lewis Stitzel second on right, Will O'Neal on left at end of line."   The store building behind the group appears to read:   "H.J. Burt, Cash and Produce Store, Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing."   The stenciling above seems to read:   "Hats, Caps,----, Shoes."

The instruments in this picture are cornet band instruments that were developed during the middle of the 1800's.   They were very popular with cornet bands in the North and South during the Civil War.   If one studies the other wind band pictures from this web site, one will notice that other bands (Brookville Band, IOOF Cornet Band, Brookville Juvenile Band, and others) are playing more modern versions of these instruments.   The instruments in this picture are referred to as saxhorns.   They were invented by Adolphe Sax (who also invented the saxophone).
This insight is interesting, and we cannot explain why this group is still using Civil War era instruments into the turn of the Twentieth Century.

The photograph was taken by Frank Snyder who began working in the Oxford area around 1895.   The original glass negative is in the collection of his photographic work in the Miami University Archives.   A print in their file made from the negative is numbered 8826 1/2.   Another photo numbered 8828 was of the Thomas Stanley family.   It has been dated as around 1908.
This photo was copied from one belonging to Myron Vaness of Oxford.  
[Don Dunaway]