Statue in Brookville
Bynum Henson | May 22, 2019

Lew Wallace was born in Brookville, Indiana in 1827.   Every book about Lew Wallace, every article, every web site:   starts by announcing that Lew Wallace was born in Brookville. Yet 192 years later, there was not a proper tribute to Brookville’s famous and infamous Son.   On Sunday, May 19, 2019, that finally came to an end.   A proper statue of a stately Civil War General, has a prominent place on the Franklin County Courthouse lawn.

Lew Wallace is credited with helping defend the city of Cincinnati during the Civil War.   He served as governor of the New Mexico Territory, where he “cleaned up” the outlaws terrorizing the territory.   His correspondence with Billy the Kid added to the legend of the outlaw.   The pro-Billy the Kid supporters feel that Henry McCarty (“Billy the Kid’s” birth name) was “double crossed” by Lew Wallace.
Lew Wallace also served as United States Minister in Turkey.
But his most famous accomplishment was his writing; the most famous book (Ben Hur), was made into more than one Hollywood movie.

Lew Wallace: Civil War General, diplomat, governor, juror, musician, author, now has his proper recognition at his birthplace.


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